Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Wine Wednesday is Back!

Wine Wednesday is Back!

You read that correctly! Wine Wednesdays are back and stronger than ever! Beginning August 26th, our wine customers will be able to purchase wine and automatically get discounts on them!

Here are the program details:

Purchase 3 to 6 bottles (single brand or mixed) of non-sale wine and get 10% off the entire wine purchase!

Purchase 7 bottles or more (single bottle or mixed) of non-sale wine and get 15% off the entire wine purchase!

Please note, the Wine Wednesday discount only applies to non-sale wines and does not apply to beer, spirits or other items. Sale wines are those that are denoted with a sale sign or priced with a “7” as the final digit (ex: $9.97). Sales of under 3 bottles will not have the discount applied to them, additionally, there are no further discounts on this program.

This is the time to stock up on your favorite wine(s) and save money at the same time!

There are many wines that seldom are offered on sale and this is the time to stock up on them. Particularly, higher end red wines are a perfect match to this program as the savings

could be substantial! We will be running this program every other Wednesday

throughout the fall so take advantage of the savings!

Again, remember to drink responsibly.


Written by: Ron Hansen

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