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Looking for a great, refreshing white that will not break the bank AND seriously impress

the Joneses? If this is you then this is the wine you want. I was a bit skeptical when I

was asked to try a Spanish white from my rep. After all, Spain is known for world class reds so why the hell would I want a Spanish white wine? Well, tar and feather me because this one is damn good. So good that I ordered a case of the stuff and that might not be enough to keep my lady friend happy because she likes the vino blanco. Remember…..happy wife, happy life.

This wine is clean, refreshing and not sweet or loaded with fake manufactured tastes.

There is a hint of fruit (think melon, Kiwi or delicate green grapes) on the front end with a mild finish - no oak, no butter and no slimy aftertaste that some whites have. It is a clean wine that is sneaky good and sophisticated. This wine screams hot weather - a PERFECT summer wine but don’t be afraid to stock the fridge now and serve with specific foods - fish, salads, cheese, fruit or any white sauced pasta. This wine would pair stunningly with grilled halibut and asparagus

(Oh yeah), cedar plank salmon or even a ceasar salad. Hell, it is good on its own and in fact it

is so good that I drank a bottle of this in one sitting because I could not accept that this INEXPENSIVE, WHITE wine could be that good. I thought my taste had suddenly had a

Covid relapse so I had to have two more glasses just to confirm that my first suspicions were correct. Yep, still darn tasty. I would not hesitate recommending this wine to anyone - even my mother-in-law, so you know it’s good. I find myself drinking more white wines because I am finding a genuine interest in them and their hidden qualities. They are sneaky and you really have to think about them because they are much more subtle and cunning compared to their red brethren. Anyhow, this wine gets 89 points and a solid chest bump from the “ranching wino” (me) and a big high five for completely blowing me away on the value side of things.

The El Coto Rioja Blanco ranks way up the list on its own and for the money, it could easily be

in the top 10 white wines of all time for me. A final bonus, it has a really cool label of a Red Stag looking stoic that will surely impress the boss, your date or even the in-laws.

Do yourself a favor and get it before it is gone…...

then call me so I can help you drink it. Prost!

El Coto, Rioja Blanco 2019. $12.99, $8.99 750ml (You have to use the OSM Rewards Card to get the sales price)


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