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Reward Yourself

Exxon Smart Card 

Save 6 cents on every gasoline purchase when using the Exxon Smart Payment Card.  On top of that, the One Stop Market will discount another 5 cents on every fuel purchase right at the pump!  In total - 11 cents per gallon discount - a great way to save money while getting the best fuel in the Lander market!

Exxon Rewards 

Save on every purchase at the One Stop Market with the Exxon Rewards + card.  3 points on every gallon of fuel, 2 points on every instore purchase.  Every 100 points equals a dollar to use as you see fit at any Exxon location.  What's not to like about saving money, getting the best products and being rewarded for it?

Safeway Fuel Rewards

The One Stop Market now accepts Safeway Fuel Rewards right at the pump!  Simply key your Safeway card in and watch the savings roll of right at the pump!  Savings up to $1 per gallon possible!  Add the Exxon Smart Card for even more savings!

Safeway Card photo EDITED.jpg
How It Works
  1. Pull up to pump, select Loyalty and then select "grocery" on the screen of the pump.  

  2. Enter your Safeway account number

  3. Prices will immediately roll back on the pump to reflect the discount per gallon

  4. To maximize savings, pay with the Exxon Smart Card and save another 11 cents per gallon—5 cents from OSM at the pump and 6 cents from Exxon on your monthly statement! 

  5. The Exxon loyalty card cannot be used with the Safeway fuel discounts as only one loyalty program per transaction is allowed. 

  6. You can still save on the carwash too as long as the purchase is over 10 gallons.  You save $2 on the Extreme Wash Package and $3 on the Platinum Wash Package.  All carwash codes are good for 60 days from the date of purchase.

  7. The receipt will clearly show the regular price of fuel, less the Safeway Discount and any further discounts.

One Stop Rewards

Designed specifically with our amazing customers in mind, the One Stop Rewards program is the one for you!

Earn two points for every dollar you spend inside our store and three points for every gallon of fuel you purchase at the pump. Swipe your One Stop Rewards card or use your phone number at check out and your points will automatically accumulate on your account. Every 100 points accumulated through the One Stop Rewards program equals $1.00. Redeem these points (aka dollars) at either the One Stop Market or Wind River Outdoor Company. You will also be eligible to save money on daily, weekly, or monthly specials throughout the store as well as be a part of our VIP earning clubs. Keep track of your points, deals, and clubs on our One Stop Rewards app.

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