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The One Stop Market is widely known as being one of the best liquor stores in the State of Wyoming and for good reason.  Stocked with both popular and hard-to-find wines, spirits and ales – we have what you are looking for. 

The selection is great and the prices, service and facilities are second to none.  Stop by and see for yourself!


Mondays have their fair share of challenges but is there

a better way to finish off the worst day of the

week then with your favorite craft beer?


Whether it be a tangy IPA, a crisp lager, or a full-flavored stout, the One Stop Market has your style and on Monday’s, it could be on deep discount!


That’s right, stop in on Micro-Monday at the One Stop Market and enjoy six hand-picked craft beers that have some un-beer-lievable discounts!


Beginning August 26, 2020, Wine Wednesdays are back and better than ever! Save on your entire wine purchase when you shop on Wine Wednesday!


Wine Wednesdays are August 26, September 9, and September 23. 

Here are the program details: 


  • Purchase 3-6 bottles (single brand or mixed) of non-sale wine and get 10% off the entire wine purchase!

  • Purchase 7+ bottles (single brand or mixed) of non-sale wine and get 15% off the entire wine purchase!

The One Stop has the wine you are looking for and on Wine Wednesday, make sure to stock up for outstanding savings – your wallet will be eternally grape-ful!


 Sundays are traditionally a day of reflection, rest and relaxation. However, on the other hand, Sunday is just a second Saturday - and that calls for some fun!

On Spirit Sundays at the One Stop Market, take advantage of twelve deeply discounted items in our amazing spirit section. These sales are in addition to our already on sale items and the prices are just too low to advertise. Premium items at huge discount so take advantage of the specials and stock up!

For those individuals looking for the highly allocated bourbon products such as Pappy Van Winkle, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection or others please understand that there simply is not enough inventory to go around. We get dozens of requests per month for these products and in reality, we generally only get enough for between 3 to 12 people on any one product per year.  Please note, we will not sell our entire allotment of these products to any one person regardless of how much money one offers so don’t even ask. The One Stop Market will not add to the price gouging seen by others and for this reason, we sell these allocated spirits at fair prices and to whom they are sold to are determined by the following metric:


  • Does the customer buy other products (beer, wine, spirits, sporting goods) through our stores?

  • Is the customer buying the product for themselves or as an “investment”?  If we determine that someone is buying for flipping purposes then we will refuse to sell anything in the future to that individual.
    This “flipping” behavior is causing prices to skyrocket and product to be in short supply and we will not participate in such activities.


  • Is the customer located in Wyoming or not?  Wyoming residents will take precedent over all out of state purchasers due to the complexity of liquor laws and shipping of alcoholic products.

  • NOTE:  Allocated products are not shipped for any reason.  All customers purchasing these products must arrange for pickup and transportation on their own.  All sales of these products are considered final upon picking them up from the store location.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and respect in these matters.  Have a good day. 

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