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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Keep Calm.
How is this impacting our ability to serve our customers? Here's how:

Over the past couple of days, we have fielded a number of calls and emails about the impact of Corona Virus (Covid-19) and how that is impacting our ability to serve our customers at the One Stop Market.

Here are those questions FYI:

1. Will we run out of fuel? Simple answer is NO. We have spoken with our fuel suppliers and our contracts are solid and nobody should fret over this possibility. Prices are definitely poised to be dropping given the recent collapse in oil prices and world demand of oil. This might be a temporary benefit to individuals but low oil and natural gas prices are going to really hurt our state economy in the longer term. There is no risk to running out of gas or diesel.

2. Will we run out of wine, beer or spirits? Again - that answer is NO. We actively watch our inventory and will order as necessary. The weather conditions play much more of a role in this situation than the Covid virus. As long as I-25 and I-80 are open then we will have products.

3. Will the One Stop remain open? Yes, the One Stop will be open as usual. HOWEVER, we kindly ask anyone who is sick or to have been exposed to individuals with the Covid virus to please not come into the store for any reason. The health and safety of our staff and community is paramount so if you are under the weather, simply give us a call and we can have what you are needing ready for you and we can arrange some type of delivery or meet you in the parking lot. Please, if you are sick or feeling ill, DO NOT COME INTO THE STORE. The store number for the One Stop Market is 307.332.4402, Ext 11 to speak with a team member.

4. Can we order pallets of water for people? Yes, we can do that but there is no need for this type of action. The water supply of Lander is safe and there is simply no need to panic and feel as though one should secure a supply of water. Again, the hysteria will only fuel more hysteria and this is not what we should be doing at this time.

5. Are we cleaning the store? Yes - over the past couple weeks we have been making it a priority to sanitize the store multiple times per day. This includes all counters, surfaces, door handles, switches, fuel nozzles, screens and buttons. We take your health and our cleanliness seriously and we are striving to help our community stay as safe as possible.

6. Is WROC going to remain open? Yes. This is the same as point #3 above. However, remember to please NOT come into the store should you be sick or think you have been exposed to anyone else being sick. Remember, the staff of both the One Stop Market and Wind River Outdoor Company have family and we do not want to take any illness home to our families either. Please respect our efforts and health as well.

7. Will WROC run out of inventory? That is to be determined in certain categories of our store. The impact to the supply chain by the tariff disputes and subsequent Covid virus has really backed up orders coming from overseas. The areas we see being impacted the most are going to be:

a. Freeze dried foods; b. Hydration products such as Hydroflask, Yeti mugs c. Specific clothing items to be delivered in the fall or winter months. This may not happen if the virus is overcome by late spring.

Conclusion: Please don't panic. Yes, we should all be diligent in our safety but we should not panic and create more of an issue then what exists currently. The hysteria going around is creating more issues than the virus in my opinion and that will feed on itself. In time, things will clear up and get back to normal so everyone must be calm, show restraint and just practice really good hygiene. If you suspect you are sick or have been exposed, please contact the public health official or your family doctor for directions on how to handle your situation.

Don't go into public if you are sick - respect your community and others. We are all in this together and we are a community of strong willed, determined and focused individuals. This virus might have us on our heels at the moment but it will not run our lives and make us live in a cave. We are strong.....we are Lander..... we are Wyoming. We got this.

We are strong.....we are Lander..... we are Wyoming. We got this.
We are strong.....we are Lander..... we are Wyoming. We got this.

Written by:Ron Hansen


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