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We are Thankful for You!
We are Thankful for You!

It's been a year full of new challenges, unprecedented life changes, and history defining moments.

And 2020 isn't even over yet.

But, as Thanksgiving approaches, along with Christmas and the exciting ringing in of the new year, it's become very apparent to us that we need to take a second to thank our amazing customers. It is times likes these that truly test a community and shows it's true colors.

And we are so proud to live a community with colors as bright, loyal, and true as ours.

We want to say thank you to all of our amazing and loyal customers that kept our doors open through a literal global pandemic. Thank you for supporting your neighbors and choosing to shop local when there was every opportunity to do the opposite. Thank you for protesting peacefully and keeping our community safe while still fighting for a better tomorrow. Thank you for continuing to show kindness even when we don't all believe the same things or vote for the same people. Thank you for supporting local business owners even through product shortages, items being sold out, and business hours being cut. Thank you for stepping up when our community needed and continues to need it most, by volunteering, donating, offering time and support, and never giving up on each other or our amazing town. Thank you for praying for each other, fighting for each other and believing in each other.

Yes covid-19 isn't over, yes there is a lot of tension in the air, and yes there are still so many questions left about how tomorrow will look, next month will look, and even next year will look.

But when you live in a town as amazing as ours it sure makes it easier to believe that things are going to get better.

We want to thank you for every time you have stopped into the One Stop Market, whether you purchased a pack of gum or some high end bourbon. We appreciate every single one of you and we thank you for making it possible to do what we love. Serving our amazing community and continuing to promise excellent service, quality, variety, and kindness.

Take a moment today and think about all of the things that you are grateful for.

Not only will it make your day better but it will continue to make a better and stronger community.

Written by: Alyx Zgurich


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