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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Winter in Wyoming is harsh for everyone and everything.
Winter in Wyoming is harsh for everyone and everything.

Winter in Wyoming is harsh for everyone and everything - that includes your car.  The dirt, moisture and ice melt that the road department uses to keep us on the road can really take a toll on your vehicle.  There are solutions, however, and in this newsletter, we are going to give you some tips to get that car clean and keep it that way!

Your vehicles paint is vital in the longevity of your vehicle so it is critically important that you protect both the paint and the finish of the vehicle otherwise the elements will get through and start to rust the metal or at a minimum cause chipping or fading to the paint.  The first step to keeping a sparkling exterior on your vehicle is to wash it regularly so that the elements stick to the clear coat polish wax put on during a wash rather than your paint.  In Wyoming, regular basis means weekly.  Wyoming's harsh winter and summer conditions, combined with the brutal sun index here, require washing your vehicle on a regular basis to keep those elements from aggressively adhering to your vehicle’s paint.

Next step to keeping a new looking paint job is in the spring (or when your vehicle gets really muddy) make a trip to the self-serve wash so that you can get the grime off.  Plan on spending 20 minutes or more here because this stage is that important.  Wash the vehicle with the high pressure soap and rinse top to bottom getting rid of the dirt – note, this will not get rid of that nasty film that will persist.  Now, this is where the magic happens….. after washing the car top to bottom start over an use the foam brush and scrub the vehicle because there is simply no chemical that will break down the winter grime no matter how many times you go through the automatic or self-serve wash.  Once that grime has attached to the paint of your vehicle the only way to get it off is brute force scrubbing.  Make two passes (each followed by rinsing) with the foaming brush.  Once this step is done, rinse your vehicle and then make your way to the automatic wash bays.

The automatic bays are where you will put on the protection for your vehicle for the coming weeks.  Select either the $12 or the $14 wash package because these packages have a clear-coat protectant that stands guard over your paint.  Any dirt, chemicals or even those pesky smushed grasshoppers will come off much easier once this has been applied to your vehicle.  The difference between the two washes is the amount of the protectant applied and you get a few more passes of the cleaning agent.

Once you are washed and done with the automatic wash then the only remaining step is to keep with the cleaning schedule – whether you think you need it or not.  The reason for this is that due to the high levels of UV rays in this area, the clear coat protection will break down.  By washing the vehicle weekly, you will remove the old protectant (and the dirt/grime attached to it) and reapply a new coating.  This stuff is the armor for your paint and keeping it in good shape will save you money down the road.

Now get out there and enjoy all that Wyoming offers!  Have a great day!

Protect your Car! WASH IT!
Protect your Car! WASH IT!

Written by: Ron Hansen


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