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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

You are really gonna want to try these...

Two our newest flavors!
Two our newest flavors!

We are so excited to introduce “TANKED Beverages”.

These are grab and go pre-made alcoholic beverages are only available at the One Stop Market! These drinks were developed in-house and they are pretty epic – featuring premium ingredients only!

The first flavors we launched were the refreshing Sweetwater Mojito and the tasty Pingora Plunge - and let’s just say these pack a punch! Packaged in super convenient freeze-able pouches these are going to change the BBQ & camping game. Adult capri-suns are now a thing.

But we aren’t stopping there – no! We have developed even more tasty drinks that we will be rolling out this week! These drink specials will land at the One Stop each and every Friday AM and will be available until sold out (generally by Sunday they are getting thin so don’t wait too long). Each week will feature different drinks so keep checking in with us on the new varieties!

Remember, please drink responsibly and never, ever drink and drive. We value every member or our community and we only want the very best for each and every person!

Written by: Alyx Raven Zgurich


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