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But you can use those points right here at the OSM.

Earn points and save on fuel at the One Stop Market!
Earn points and save on fuel at the One Stop Market!

Lander is a small town which means most things don’t go un-noticed around here. For example, you may have observed on your last run to Safeway that something is going on at the Safeway gas station. Our sources tell us that they are looking at the gas center being down for 6-8 weeks due to some work on their fuel systems. But don’t fear. You can still use those Safeway gas points right here at the One Stop Market and the best part – it is really easy! You will get the same discounts you would get at Safeway when you use the grocery loyalty program at the One Stop Market.

Here’s how it works:

Once you pull up to the pump hit the loyalty option on the screen, select grocery rewards, enter the phone number associated with your Safeway card. Select yes when asked if you would like to use the points you have accumulated and see just how much you are going to save per gallon of fuel.

Next use your Exxon Smart Card to gain even more savings – an outstanding 11 cents per gallon in additional savings!. Once swiped watch the fuel prices roll back in front of your eyes. The Safeway rewards and 5 cents of the Exxon discount are rolled back at the pump. The additional 6 cents from Exxon is deducted on the monthly statement. By taking advantage of both rewards programs you are receiving the best fuel you can get for the best price you can get. But we’re not done yet.

You’ve filled up, but it’s time to take your vehicle through the carwash – And we’ve got you covered. When purchasing fuel go ahead and purchase your carwash at the same time and save up to $3 on the best wash in town.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase your fuel at the One Stop Market. But none quite as evident as the number of ways you not only save money, but also get rewarded on every purchase made. Drive into savings at the One Stop Market.

Written by: Alyx Raven Zgurich & Ron Hansen


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