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Product Shortage - Customers Should Take Notice

Product Shortage - Customer Should Take Notice
Product Shortage - Customers Should Take Notice

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world to its core and now, it seems that nothing is normal. And even worse, the effects are going to be with us for quite some time and in areas you might not guess. For those who enjoy wine, spirits or beer, be aware that the Covid-19 outbreak is now causing product shortages across the board.

Beer from Canada, Mexico and Europe are getting hard - to near impossible to get. Wine is starting to see huge out-of-stocks due to winery and distributor closures. Liquor is seeing the same thing and demand has outstripped supply on many, many products. The One Stop Market is carrying a lot more inventory to give a buffer to our customers but please note, the longer this pandemic goes, the harder that everyday items are going to be in securing inventory when you need it.

For those people that have a favorite wine, spirit or ale, I would strongly urge you to add a bottle or two to your purchase in order to guarantee that you have supply for when you need or want it. This is not a sales pitch at all, this is a real issue that we are battling every day. It is not uncommon to see 15+ pages of out-of-stocks from our suppliers where last year we might have seen 4-12 items at the most. News came out last week that now breweries are now facing an aluminum can shortage so every time we think we have seen the worst then we are quickly smacked in the face and reminded that this pandemic is going to keep throwing curve balls at us for quite some time.

The One Stop Market will continue to work hard to stock the products and brands that you know and need and as always, you can reach out to us and let us know if there is something special or unique you are looking for. We are all in this together and we got your back. We will continue to keep the shelves full and work to minimize any interruptions.

Have a great day and as always……Prost, Servus, Tschau, Au Revoir, Cherio, Ciao and Cheers!


Written by: Ron Hansen


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