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One Stop Rewards – reward yourself on everyday purchases!

Written by Ron Hansen

Are you a member of the One Stop Rewards loyalty card? If not, you need to be as you are missing out on some great card member savings throughout the store. From fuel and carwash to convenience and liquor store items, savings are everywhere!

Getting a card is easy, simply stop in the stop and we will have you off and going within a minute of two. Then, download the mobile app and stay up to speed on all the great specials and sales happening all month long!

The program is simple – every dollar spent in the store earns 2 points. Every gallon of fuel gets 3 points. For every one hundred points you get a dollar to spend as you wish at either the One Stop Market or Wind River Outdoor Company. Even better are the card-only savings all over the store – and the savings are significant! Check this link out to see these phenomenal specials:

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