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Brandy 101 – A Crash Course in This Up-and-Coming Spirit

Brandy is so much more than a drink that some old dude sitting in a leather chair by a fire is

sipping on. Brandy has a long line of varieties, characteristics and uses that people should be

in the know on because after all, that is our job at the One Stop Market – to bring you the 411

on all things in the world of wine, spirits and ales. Simply put, Brandy is wine that has been

taken to a different level in that it is generally higher in alcohol content and much more robust in

flavor and body than wine.

Brandy is made all over the world but like wine, sometimes this spirit can change names

according to where it is made. Cognac, for example, is a type of Brandy that is made in the

Cognac Region of France and primarily comes from the Ugni Blanc grape (white). Armagnac is

a brandy that comes from the Armagnac Region in Gascony – located in the Southwest of

France and is comprised of up to 13 different types of grapes, all of which are white varieties.

There are other differences in Cognac and Armagnac such as the distillation methods and how

it is aged in barrels but for now, you have the gist of the two. Calvados is a type of Brandy

made from apples (230 varieties can be used) and is made all over the globe. Other types of

Brandy include Grappa, Pisco, Eau de Vie and fruit brandy.

If that was not enough, Brandy can even have flavor profiles such as pear, apricot, peach,

blackberry, cherry and even coffee. Brandy (and all the varieties) is finding its’ way into the

cocktail scene now and there are some really good drinks that feature this elixir front and center.

Brandy is a fruity and subtle sweet taste. Some Brandy is aged in wood barrels so one can

have notes of oak and earth as well. Brandy is an aged spirit and generally mellows and

becomes more complex with time. It is not uncommon to see Brandy’s that are aged well

beyond a decade or two.

A simple Google search will result in hundreds if not thousands of recipes that anyone can give

a try at their next gathering. If you are interested in exploring what Brandy is and what you can

do with it, stop by the One Stop Market and check out the selection as the One Stop has the

largest and most diverse selection of Brandy in Fremont County and perhaps Wyoming.


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