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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Is there a Difference in Fuel?

Yes! There is.
Is there a Difference in Fuel?

I get asked this question all the time and the simple answer is “yes”. Just like there are different grades of meat, wine or other products, fuel also has different grades to it. If you are driving a newer vehicle (post 2004 – the year that tier II fuel standards became into existence) then you will want to pay special attention to this. Car engines have become engineering marvels and the reason for them as they have become smaller, more specialized and highly refined in the fuel injection systems. Simply put = cheap fuel leaves deposits in your engine and these deposits will rob you of power, fuel mileage and in the end, cost much, much more in the way of maintenance.

The reason for performance dropping due to low quality fuels is that these fuels leave behind deposits when used (burnt) in your engine. These deposits form gummy substances that can alter airflow around intake valves or fuel flow out of injectors. There are over 300 compounds in gasoline so simply targeting the bad ones is not that easy and that is why top tier fuels are

so important because these fuels have been engineered to minimize these deposits

from the moment you fill your tank. But wait, there is more….

Exxon Synergy fuel is one of the highest rated fuels on the market today and that is because they are a top tier fuel refiner but they also have engineered possibly the best fuel additives to date. These additives are added to every drop of Exxon fuel under the name of Synergy.

These additives are engineered to work with top tier fuels and offer additional mileage, lower emission, improve engine protection and in the end, you get better performance of your vehicle. All these added together mean lower costs of car ownership through improved gas mileage

(we have customers stating they get up to 5 mpg better gas with Exxon fuel),

lower maintenance costs and longer life of their vehicles.

Exxon Synergy fuel is one of the highest rated fuels on the market today!
Exxon Synergy fuel is one of the highest rated fuels on the market today!

Written by: Ron Hansen

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