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Tanked Beverages are perfect for a hot summer day!

Home-made beverages & sloshies!
Home-made beverages & sloshies!

Have you tried our house made “Tanked Beverages” yet?

If you haven’t…. you’re seriously missing out!

These are homemade cocktails & sloshies made out of high-quality ingredients that are perfect for hot summer days. So far, we have over 10 flavors and let me tell you they all taste amazing!

Out selection includes our Mexican Creek Margarita, Jersey Lemonade, Pingora Plunge, Wyo Watermellon, Sweetwater Mojito, Gannett Greyhound, Mountain Mule, Firecracker, Popo Agie Pina Colada and our Momma’s Mimosa kit that comes in multiple flavors and a Buffalo Bloody Mary Kit.

You can pour them straight into a glass and enjoy a tasty drink. Or if you would rather, throw the convenient pouches into the freezer. They freeze just enough to make the perfect sloshie.

Our team has worked tirelessly perfecting these recipes to make them not only delicious but powerful. Snag these for your next camping trip, BBQ, or relaxed evening at home. We’re positive you won’t be disappointed. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Written by: Alyx Raven Zgurich & Ron Hansen


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