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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Fall Flavors at the One Stop Market

Fall Flavors at the One Stop Market
Fall Flavors at the One Stop Market

After one of the longest summer's ever (thanks Covid) I think I can speak for almost all of us

when I say that I am so excited that fall is finally here. Cooler temperatures, hot drinks,

and a step closer to the end of 2020, am I right? At the One Stop Market we are stocked

with everything you need to make every beverage taste a little bit like fall.

As the temps are getting cooler and leaves are falling, the taste and body of traditional fall ales become much more enjoyable. Generally, these fall favorites are deep in color, full bodied and have a lingering taste. If you don’t like the hoppiness of IPAs then these are the beers for you! Try Black Tooth Oktoberfest Marzen & Samuel Adams Octoberfest as they are both deep amber in color, long finishing with hints of caramel, coffee and perhaps even brown sugar. Either of these brews will surely put you in the festive fall mood.

Don’t forget about fall cocktails with fun flavored spirits!

Try out a new fall cocktail using Bailey's Salted Caramel, Kahlua Salted Caramel,

Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Liqueur, or Black Velvet Toasted Caramel. With the explosion of flavored spirits, anyone can find something that fits their taste. The One Stop Market is stocked to the gills with these seasonal spirits so we can fit just about anyone with what they are seeking. Check out some tasty cocktails here:

Wine lovers rejoice as the heat of summer is gone and now is the time to start looking back into wines. For the white wine fans now is the time to look into larger bodied Chardonnays such as Chalk Hill, Rombauer or even the brand Butter. If Red wines are your liking then now is a great time to start thinking about Cabs, red Zins or even Spanish Crianza’s. These reds have big tastes and pair well with heavier dishes, meats and wild game. My particular favorite is Marietta Angeli Cuvee (Zinfandel based red blend, Carnivore Cabernet or for the Crianza I would recommend Cune Rioja Crianza.

No matter what your drink of choice is, the One Stop has what you need to

to make it unique and memorable. Enjoy the fall season by getting out, seeing the sites and smells as we all know the great white “W” is right around the corner. Take care and enjoy!

The One Stop Market is locally owned and operated where excellence is our promise and where we call Lander, home.

Written by Ron Hansen & Alyx Zgurich


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