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Did you know that there is a place in Wyoming that has a taxidermized penguin as their mascot?

Yes it’s crazy, but it’s also true. Can you guess where?

If you have done a lot of traveling on I80 you have most likely stopped at Little America.

It’s that massive truck stop outside of Green River. Founded in 1932 by S.M. Covey the small fueling stop quickly grew and became the huge truck stop (that includes gas pumps, a hotel, restaurants, gift shop and more) we know of today.

When the fueling stop was started the owners had the wild idea of having a penguin as their mascot. And they didn’t just want a fake penguin. NO. They wanted a live penguin. I mean if you consider how cold that part of the state is in the winter…. That makes sense... right?

The owners then managed to purchase a live penguin (later name Emperor) - and get it shipped to Wyoming. But unfortunately the penguin didn't make it. The penguin died in transit from Antarctica. Disappointed but not defeated the owners decided that although their original plan wasn’t going to work, they could try something else. They had the penguin stuffed and now have the penguin on display. Even in death, Emperor the penguin roots the business on. Next time you are driving down I80 stop in and check him out.

Written by Alyx Zgurich


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