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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Autumn Fly Fishing

Autumn Fly Fishing
Autumn Fly Fishing

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to soak up every opportunity and get out on the water before the fish activity diminishes. As the temperatures start to drop it's not only us that

notice - the fish notice as well. And with those dropping temps, fishing strategies have to change. The main change is going to be we are now focus on sub surface and smaller patterns. For the experienced fisher, well, it's not your first rodeo, we'll just step back and let you do your thing. But for the beginner, here are some flies that might just bring you a bit of luck during this time of year.


Think small in the fall. On warm, sunny days we will still have plenty of mayfly action and possibly some fall caddis. However, small – like size 18 and smaller – are going to be the rule! Good patterns to have would be a parachute Adams – size 20. Maybe a parachute BWO or Purple Haze too.


Hopper season is just about done but there are still some around. Secret – make sure to have some ants as they are still scurrying around getting their food stores prepared. Inevitably they end up in the water and I have had great luck with them through October.

San Juan Worm:

Made to imitate aquatic worms that are in every body of water. Fish love them and so should you.

Prince Nymph

This is a lot of anglers go-to. Peacock Herl is a killer trout catching material and this pattern has been a go to for a long time and for good reason – it works!


Leaches are a vital food source for trout. They are active year-round and inhabit just about every local water we have. Fish them slow and deep this time of year.

Scuds and Sowbugs:

They are always a good source of action when on the water. Fish know and love them so I would strongly encourage any angler worth their salt to have a good selection on hand.

We hope that this fall you take the time to get out on the water and fish as much as you can.

And as always, we wish you the best of luck!

Written by Ron Hansen & Alyx Zgurich


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