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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The One Stop Market has a touchless wash!
The One Stop Market has a touchless wash!

Automatic/touchless car washes save us time and hassle, it’s true. And during the winter time in Wyoming, it’s one of our only options for a clean car. Dragging a hose and bucket of soapy water outside is not exactly do-able in sub-degree weather.

But are automatic car-wash bays safe for your car?

There has been debate about this since the dawn of the car wash. Like everything there are pros and cons to an automatic car wash. However, what most everyone can agree on is that a touchless automatic car wash is by far the best option.

Here’s why:

When it comes to automatic car wash bays, studies have shown that brushless automatic washes are best. And by brushless we mean BRUSHLESS, no crazy spinning brushes, swirling rags or soapy sponges. It doesn’t matter that a lot of car washes say “touchless”. If the car wash bay uses brushes or giant floppy spinning rags to wash away dirt, they are likely to cause damage to your car’s exterior. Inevitably those brushes and rags are going to collect A LOT of dirt, grime, and salt, due to the vehicles in line in front of you. And every bit of dirt that has been caught on those brushes or rags is still trapped in the car wash bay. That means you are virtually sending your car through a sand blaster.

Going with the true touchless option is a much safer bet for your car’s finish. Touchless automatic washes virtually guarantee that your vehicle will suffer no cosmetic damage due to intense high-speed brushes or rags. Using only high-pressure water and soaps to clean your car, automatic washes use lasers to ensure that every part of your vehicle gets clean, while also ensuring no damage to your car.

Once your car is clean it’s time to get the water off to avoid water spots. Car wash bays that use jet heated forced air to dry off vehicles further the protection of your cars paint. Some car washes have attendants that will hand towel your vehicle off. This isn’t necessarily bad for your car. However, it is imperative that whoever is toweling your vehicle off uses a fresh, clean, soft towel. And during a busy day at the car wash where there is no guarantee of this. Better to opt for the touchless jet heated air option and then simply drive the excess water off, allowing air to flow over your vehicle removing water.

Your car is an investment. Protect that investment not only by washing it regularly, but by washing it the right way.

Wash your car the right way!
Wash your car the right way!

Written by: Alyx Raven Zgurich


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