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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

At the One Stop we take savings seriously. We know that you work hard for your money, and we want to help you make it stretch as far as possible. That is why we offer multiple rewards/savings options when you shop at the One Stop Market. We know that every person deserves a rewards program that fits their needs.

Here are all of the ways to not only save but also be rewarded by shopping at the One Stop Market.

One Stop Rewards

The One Stop Rewards program is specifically designed for our amazing customers and rewards them for their purchases at the One Stop Market. The program details are as follows:

  • Earn two points for every dollar spent inside One Stop Market

  • Earn three points for every gallon of fuel purchased at One Stop

  • Every 100 points accumulated through the One Stop Rewards Program equals $1.00 to be used however you wish at either One Stop Market or Wind River Outdoor Company

It’s just that easy! Additionally, as a One Stop Market Rewards card-holder, customers will also be eligible to save money via daily, weekly, or monthly specials throughout the store. Not only will you earn points for free merchandise and discounted fuel, but customers will also be able to save money on other outstanding promotions!

If that was not enough, all One Stop Market Rewards cardholders will also be a part of our VIP clubs through the program. These clubs include the Car Wash Club, the Coffee Club, the Fountain Drink Club, and the Slooshie Club. In these clubs, you'll earn FREE items and services when you purchase a certain number of items. For example: purchase 9 coffees and get 1 cup FREE!

Keeping track of all of these incredible savings is really important and for this reason, the program will have a handy mobile app that can easily be installed on your phone so that you can see the rewards as they accrue AND the great offers as they are released. Remember, without the app, one cannot see these valuable ads so don’t forget to download it via the Apple App Store for Androids and the Google Play site for Androids.

Exxon Mobil Rewards+™

Save on every purchase at the One Stop Market with the Exxon Rewards + card! Earn 3 points on every gallon of fuel purchased and 2 points on every dollar spent on in-store items. 100 points equals 1 dollar to use as you see fit at any Exxon location. What's not to like about saving money, getting the best products, and being rewarded for it? And the savings don't stop there.

By signing up for this card you also qualify for Frequent Filler Bonus Points. If you fill up with 100 gallons or more in one calendar month, you can earn Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Frequent Filler bonus points for savings that add up even faster. No additional steps are required to receive this bonus. Just fill up like you normally would and as soon as you qualify, you'll automatically start earning more.

And, with the Exxon Rewards+ card, seniors can save even more. Simply link the Exxon Rewards+ card to an AARP account, you will automatically get an additional 1 cent per gallon in rewards points (4 cents or 7 cents if you have premium status - meaning you buy 10 gallons of premium fuel 3 or more times per month) and you will get and additional reward point per dollar spent in the store! Even better, if you pay with the Exxon Smart Payment Card then you will also receive 11 cents per gallon in fuel discounts on top of the already granted discounts! What is not to like about that?

ExxonMobil™ Smart Card

Want to save 11 cents on every gallon of gas purchased? It is very simple to do! Any fuel purchased made and paid for with the Exxon Smart Card will automatically save 11 cents per gallon! That’s right – every gallon, every day, day or night! The One Stop Market discounts 5 cents per gallon at the pump and Exxon grants 6 cents discount on the statement each month so the saving can really add up quickly!

Even more exciting is that if you pay use your Safeway Fuel Rewards and pay for the transaction with the Exxon Smart Card then you will save and additional 11 cents ON TOP of your Safeway Fuel Rewards! Why would one not take advantage of these incredible savings opportunities?

Safeway Rewards

Did you know that Safeway Fuel Rewards can be redeemed at the One Stop Market? It is true! You get the highest rated fuel at savings unheard of! The savings are penny for penny so you lose nothing in using them at the One Stop Market!

Here's how it works:

Once you pull up to the pump hit the loyalty option on the screen, select grocery rewards, enter the rewards number associated with your Safeway card. Select 'yes' when asked if you would like to use the points you have accumulated and see just how much you are going to save per gallon of fuel. The price per gallon will roll off the pump automatically and off you go in capturing your savings! Additionally, pay for the purchase with with the Exxon Smart Card to gain even more savings – an outstanding 11 cents per gallon in additional savings!

Car Wash Savings

The savings opportunities are not over just yet! Did you know that with every fuel purchase of 10 gallons or more that you can save on the Extreme and Platinum Touchless Wash packages? It’s true and with any 10-gallon fuel purchase, a customer can save $2 on the Extreme Wash Package and $3 on the Platinum Wash Package. The savings are easy to obtain either at the pump or inside the store by simply choosing the wash package you would like when you are paying for your purchase and a code is generated that is used at the entry unit of the carwash! These codes are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase so stock up on these and use them at your leisure! The One Stop Market’s high-tech touchless wash units will not only leave your car looking amazing but it will also help make your car last longer and help protect it from weather damage.

The One Stop takes pride in giving customers the very best in selection, value, and options when it comes to their purchases and with so many options, you're sure to find the program that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Written by: Alyx Zgurich


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