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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

6 Haunted Locations in Wyoming

6 Haunted Location in Wyoming
6 Haunted Location in Wyoming

Halloween is right around the corner. It's spooky season.

And if you're in the mood for a good scare, Wyoming is FULL of some great haunted spots.

We made a list of 6 locations (with 3 right here in Fremont County) just for you.

1. The Broker Building - Riverton WY

The building that once housed the Lapeyre Steakhouse, later the Cowboy Cafe, and currently the Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery, - it's haunted.

They say a ghost haunts the second floor and can be spotted staring woefully out the window. Lonely and desolate, nobody knows who the ghost may have been before death.

But sometimes it's the ghosts with no story that are the scariest.

2. Acme Theater - Riverton WY

If you ever suddenly feel a presence nearby while catching a movie at the Acme Theater you aren't the only one. The presence is most commonly felt when sitting up in the balcony during the late shows. Some say they have even seen the ghost himself dressed in vaudeville clothing and most believe he once performed in the theater.We may never know why he hangs around the theater, and maybe ... that's okay.

3. C.H King Building - Shoshoni WY

If you want to experience paranormal activity stop by the Old Yellowstone Drug Store in

Shoshoni WY. This location was once a bank, a pharmacy, and even a private residence.

Reports range widely at this location. People have experienced the sound of someone breaking in and running up the stairs, a ghost appearing in the basement, and random footsteps with disembodied voices. It's all a regular thing at this spot.

4. Hot Springs County Library - Thermopolis

A library usually makes us think of a calm, quiet, and peaceful place to stop and enjoy a book. But here you may get more than you expect. Both the staff and visitors have heard random voices, seen shadow people, and even creepier - seen books fly off of the shelves randomly.

Stop in for a good book and maybe just catch a ghost.

5. Wonder Bar - Casper WY

There are rumors that the Wonder Bar in Casper is one one of the most haunted places in the state. There are reports of employees feeling a presence following them around while working, disembodied voices and footsteps, unexplained noises, and even the lights turning on and off when no one is in the building. People have even seen ghosts, one an old cowboy, and one a woman in white. What is their story?

6. Occidental Hotel - Buffalo WY

This hotel was once a saloon and bordello. And it's got quite the story. They say that one of the prostitutes that worked there died on the upper floor of the building. But that isn't where it ended. They say that she now haunts the hotel. Manifesting as a woman in white with long dark hair, she moves furniture and is to blame for unexplained noises all around the building.

Guests have even reported feeling her tap them on the shoulder while enjoying

a drink at the bar. That's definitely worth checking out.

Written by: Alyx Zgurich


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