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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Delivery, Wine Club, Medical Supplies & More!

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We are doing our best to be innovative and better serve our customers during this time.

The world today is pretty much been turned on it’s collective ear over the Covid-19 virus and related pandemic. Everything is different and it is probably safe to say that will be the case for quite some time. In an effort to restore some normalcy, the staff of the One Stop Market have been working on coming up with ways to keep our business running smoothly AND by being able to better serve our customers (you) with innovative products and solutions to get those products to you quicker and safer.


With that being said, the One Stop Market has a new website and every week there is more content, area information and items for purchase. Additionally, the One Stop Market is now offering delivery of all liquor store purchases. Here are the simple rules for that service:

· Orders over $30 are FREE delivery. The free delivery zone is within 10 miles of the Lander city limits. This would include Hudson, Red Canyon, Squaw Creek, Baldwin Creek and Lyon’s Valley. We do not deliver to the Wind River Reservation due to legality issues.

· Orders under $30 are charged a delivery fee of $10.

· Orders must be placed by 2pm for delivery the same day. Orders after this time can be picked up curbside or can be delivered the following business day.

· Deliveries do not occur on the weekends at this time.

· All orders can be submitted via the website at:

· A staff member will contact the customer for credit card information and the transaction will occur before delivery is done. At the time of delivery, a photo of the person making the purchase will have a photo taken of their driver’s license for legal reasons. Obviously, we don’t sell to anyone under 21 years of age so please don’t even test us on this issue unless you want a visit from law enforcement.

Medical Masks & Sanitizer

The One Stop Market website also has medical masks for sale. These masks are top quality and designed with the same materials that make sun masks such as Buff and Black Strap. The cost is $20 and includes all tax and shipping costs. These masks come in a variety of colors and patterns so take a look here if you need one:

Next on the list is that the One Stop Market now has access to bulk hand sanitizer. This sanitizer is medical grade and can be purchased by the gallon only. If you are interested in this product please simply send an email to and I will make sure to get you on the list for delivery of the product. The cost of the gallon is $70 (which includes sales tax and local delivery) that equates to 55 cents per oz. Standard cost is between $1.50 and $3.50 per ounce when you buy the smaller containers. As you can see, this is a huge savings opportunity!

Wine Club

We would also like to introduce you to One Stop Wine Club. The details of the program will roll out in mid May but we will have three levels of the club. Each month (around the 5th of the month) you will receive a shipment of wine (delivered within 10 miles of Lander, further locations will need to pick it up) that is hand selected according to style (red, white, rose) and quantity. We will scour the wine world looking for great deals, quality standards and offer them to you for a ridiculous price! These wines will likely not be offerings found in the One Stop Market or anywhere else unless we can get them for a steal. The savings will be substantial too as we are going to only accept wines that are rated 88 and higher and sell at a minimum of 35% off the retail prices. There will be three levels of the program and the service will be for an annual commitment as it takes a good amount of planning and logistics to get them lined up for delivery.

If you are interested in getting your name on this list when it rolls out please simply email me at and have “WINE CLUB” in the subject line. I will email you the minute the program goes live so that you can input your information and wine preferences. It will be a short application and then we do all the work for you……AND DELIVER IT FREE OF CHARGE*.

Lander Strong

The One Stop Market and Wind River Outdoor Company are the force behind getting the #LanderStrong movement going. We felt this effort was important to show how important the business community is to our little town of Lander. We primarily began this effort simply to help the restaurant community and was initially seeded with $2000 in money to buy gift cards.

Within days of the start of the movement we had a number of other businesses such as Fremont Toyota, First Interstate Bank, Wyoming Community Bank, Atlantic City Federal Credit Union, Smith Creek Pet Resort, Baldwin Creek Rental and many private individuals donate money to the cause.

Currently, we are giving away about 50 gift cards per week to our local restaurants, coffee shops and retail businesses. We have been very clear that this effort was not to provide a monetary benefit to the One Stop Market or Wind River Outdoor Company and as a result of this, we do not spend donated money on any gift cards with our businesses.

The #LanderStrong movement’s website is and anyone interested in donating to the movement can do so on the page. The movement will continue and begin to offer many other ways to benefit local for-profit businesses so please follow the Facebook page too at


Finally, we want to thank our great community for all the support in these trying times. We understand that the Covid-19 virus has upset our “normal” way of life and that nobody has been immune to the impacts of this pandemic. It is safe to safe that we will not be going back to our ways of life as seen in 2019 for quite some time if ever. That is OK but we understand that we are simply going to have to accept that and find ways to better serve our customers. Please know that this virus will too pass at some point in time and we can shake hands, hug and be closer than 6 feet to each other but until that time we will give you the elbow bump, distance high five and long-distance wave but please don’t construe that as us not caring. Lander is our home and our customers are more than just a number. You are our friends and family and we will be here to support not only our home town but also the great residents that call it home. Thank you and we wish everyone peace, happiness and health as we move into the summer season.

This is some of the many great developments happening now at the One Stop Market. There are many more in the works that we will be rolling out very soon. If you don’t follow the One Stop on Facebook then please do so by going to the link below as we update the site daily with great information, products and announcements about not only our service but the Lander and Fremont County community.

Written by: Ron Hansen


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